Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mopsie part 2

Do a Review on a film or a band.

Poster Review.

Poster One Dida.

The project objectives are met? Dida poster has meet it objects as it will catch childrens eye and they will most prob read it.
The final poster is effective? yes it is as it is easy to read the pictures will catch there eye and it is in a easy langauge to unstand.
The poster is it fit for purpose? because it is a childrens poster and will help children stay safe.
The poster could it be improved? i dont think it could be improved i think it is ok how it is.
The information is organised? yes it is organised as it is all in paragraphs and a photo.
The text enhances the message? the text does enhance the message of keeping safe as it is clear and easy to read.

Poster Two Dida.

The project objectives are met? No There not meet as what has a coe go to do with the internet.
The final poster is effective? No it is not effective as you dont know what the photos are for or what the writing means.
The poster is it fit for purpose? No it is not because it dont help with internet safey.
The poster could be improved? by making the photos more to do with internet safty have everything easyer to read have have something better to read then why there should be internet saftey.


M ixture - does the mix desgin ideas work?

O bjectives - were they met?

P resented - is the information presented in the best way?

S oap - how good a sense of SOAP is there?

I mprovements -what can you improve?

E lements - are the published documents effective?

Mopsie is a great way of reviewing yourself and others,

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mind map on eport and what we are going to do.

This is what i have to do for my eport work it is a link of all the things that need to be done next they will be put in order.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Friday, November 10, 2006

Mind Map. Not Finshed.

My Mind Map, even though this is not finshed it is still important to my eportfolio becuase it helped me see what i need to do and how many links i need to make and to what. it has also help me think about my design a bit more where am i going to put all the links etc.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006



6-form and gcse

Lesson Information


This is the same as the others but in the map of the school there will be a few more school photos

Application information

i havent wrote the really application information because i think that would be a waste of time because this is only a story board.

Opening Page.

There are links that i think people will need. and yet again i have chosen the school colours i was going to pick something to stand out more but then i thought that people who will use this anit going to use it to look at nice colours.


Entering Page.

who is this for? this is for vistors and new stundents & staff to the academy

what is it for? this is for new people to the academy.
what does it do? this helps people get information about the academy

why do this? to help and to save sometime of staff

where is it going to be? it is going to be in the H room i think.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Mind Map.

on screen publications

1. Do the Audience and purpose of publication activity.

2. What are the three different types of On-Screen publications, where would you expect to see each one?
information points-train stations
Presentations-meeting rooms

3. What is one way of finding out how your target audience will react to your publication? You can use Chris Beer’s video for this or the text next to the video.
Don't work. you could ask them what they think or get them to do a survey.

4. Do the common On Screen Publications quiz

5. What is the difference between Linear and Non-Linear Website structures?
Linear, you can only go back and forward so next and back. so you have to see evertything to get to one thing or everything before it.
Non-Linear, You have a choice of what things you wanna see. so you dont have to go though everything to see on thing you can just click on it.

6. What is an Anchor hyperlink?
A Anchor is a long hyperlink that links you to other parts of the (same) web site

7. name three different types of hyperlink.
Text Hotspot and Graphic.

8. Why should you always use tables when designing a Website?
because it allows the website to be organised.

9. What differences would you expect to see between and website designed for adults and one for children?
for children: more colours, less writing, very simple so nothing to hard to use,

Thursday, November 02, 2006

What is going on my eportfolio?

Today my teacher told us we are going to do a homepage for a eportfolio and i am going to list the things i want or think i should have on the homepage.
Looks: i think that i will put a picture for a entering page with only four links project one project two project etc. etc. and then when you get on the project one all the other things and details will be on there. but the will be a introduction on the entering page.
Links to my leadoss work.
Links to my blog + school + dida delived.
Links to other work that i think should go on there.
Other then details to the links, i will do candidate details my name and a intorduction.
Images: i will put a image of me on there and other images that i think will go so maybe a dida picture or something like that.
Colours: i will only use a few colours so a few carm colours nothing to in your face but something that stands out.